Bring Gerry Layo into your organization or your sales meeting/convention to run a half-day or full day of some of his special IMPACT brand of training. Get your people the real-world, no-nonsense training that they need to compete in today’s marketplace. Whether the workshop for you or your team is regarding sales, leadership, or customer service, Gerry Layo has the workshop for you! Each session has several IMPACT topics from which to choose that will inspire the personal responsibility and accountability you and your people need to take the appropriate steps towards greater results. Below are a few samples of Gerry’s workshops (Click a tab to learn more).

“Smart Selling-Make an IMPACT”

Performed in either a half-day workshop or full-day workshop, this session has posted rave reviews from audiences everywhere! Booked separately or as a follow-up to an opening keynote address of the same name, this session both sets the proper foundation (philosophy) for selling success in today’s marketplace AND provides immediately implementable tactics for all in attendance. In this session, Gerry covers a variety of topics that are “hot” for salespeople of today including:

  • A simple formula (Attitude + Skills + Activity = Success!)
  • The shortest course on selling (Ask Questions and Listen)
  • Questioning tactics of the top sales pros.
  • Listening tactics of the top sales pros.
  • Three sales that need to be made every time.
  • The Profession of Sales is for Sales Professionals!
  • Selling is a Head game-How to keep yours in it!
  • Time management is NOT the management of time.
  • Goal setting for sales pros.
  • Prospecting is NOT a 4-letter word!
  • People are different – sell accordingly.
  • Value-Add selling vs. Relationship selling.
  • IMPACT defined!
  • And other customized content based upon pre-event consult.

This session is designed to move attendees into action. This is not a warm-fuzzy session designed to make people feel good! This is a session to educate about the reality of what is happening in today’s marketplace and challenge people to change accordingly. Insanity occurs by people doing the same things over and over while they expect different results. Layo encourages all in attendance to “Stop the Insanity” and get back into the business of professional sales.

“Driving Sales and Profits with IMPACT Customer Service”

This half-day interactive workshop is designed and delivered with the non-traditional salesperson in mind. Too often, most training as it relates to sales is given to the traditional outside sales force while our customers are being forced to deal with under-trained individuals who handle their problems and service their accounts.

“Anyone who touches the customer in any way throughout your company plays a role in your sales efforts. They have the ability to drive sales up or drive customers away.”

In today’s competitive marketplace, our customers are more aware of their options than ever before. Not only that, many people and companies have changed the way that they buy and how they make their decisions. In this workshop, Gerry takes attendees through some of the information gathered from hundreds of interviews with customers and clients of similar companies. From that information, he teaches several easy tactics that our service professionals need to understand in order to KEEP our customers buying and GROW them into loyal, zealot, raving fans. Some of these areas include:

  • The Profession of Customer Service is for Customer Service Pros.
  • Three sales that customer service pros need to make-every time!
  • Customer Service is NOT a department!
  • If you own the problem, YOU own the solution AND the customer for life.
  • Satisfied customers vs. LOYAL customers.
  • Put the SMILE into the extra mile.
  • Listening-the lost art of customer service.
  • 10 reasons why customers go astray!
  • How to “Open with a POSITIVE.”
  • IMPACT Customer Service defined!
  • Exercises to “Get your service in shape!”
  • And other customized content based upon pre-event consult.

This session is appropriate for telephone answering receptionists (Director’s of 1st Impressions), Customer Service staff, account reps, field technicians, engineers, IT/Help Desk staff, delivery staff, installers, accounts receivable personnel, salespeople, managers, and more. Everyone benefits-especially the customer-when the focus is on meeting the customer’s needs. Set your company policies (company focused rule book) aside and develop a customer focused based set of philosophies that will truly drive sales, profits, and customer loyalty!

“Building a World Class Sales Organization”

This half-day or full-day interactive workshop is designed with sales managers and business leaders in mind. Gerry has been booked to deliver this workshop to business and sales leaders throughout the world hundreds of times. The session is designed to open the leader’s mind and spark Action in the 5 main areas each company must focus in order to “Build a World Class Sales Organization:”

  1. How to FIND the right people for your sales team.
  2. How to GET THEM to join your team (without paying a King’s Ransom)
  3. How to GET THEM PRODUCING early (paying for their seat)
  4. How to GROW THEM into top producers.
  5. How to KEEP THEM on your team.

Layo builds an initial foundation of the importance that the CEO/Sales Manager plays in the growth and development of their sales force.

“When you have on that sales manager’s hat, your customer becomes your salesperson! You MUST act accordingly.”

Speaking from a wealth of experiencing in growing and managing sales forces, Gerry takes all workshop attendees through a series of tactical initiatives that are designed to build both the quantity and quality of their sales operations including:

  • Recruit only the BEST (concepts and tactics to attract winners)
  • Discover the inner person (Interviewing and hiring strategies)
  • Orientation and Induction (Start off on the right track)
  • Building the training process (Give them a track to run on)
  • Sales meetings that Drive ACTION!
  • Reviews: Performance is History—-Progress is MAKING History!
  • Get off the sidelines!-Field Coaching strategies.
  • Building the Success Guide!
  • The Culture DNA! (manage the culture and the culture drives results)
  • The bare minimum-measure everything!
  • Manager vs. Coach (There’s a BIG difference)
  • The 10 Commandments of Coaching.
  • And other customized content based upon pre-event consult.

This workshop is powerful, content-rich, and full of great take-away ideas for immediate implementation. It is a great session to have both the CEO and the Sales Leaders (VP Sales, Sales Managers, Sales Directors, etc.) attend. The session is designed and delivered in a no-nonsense style that lets attendees know that Gerry has been in their shoes and knows what it takes to get the job done.

Additional Customized Sessions Based Upon Client Needs:

Gerry Layo can also put together a completely customized session consisting of a variety of content covering the above three areas (sales, customer service, and sales management.) These will be designed and built with diverse audiences in mind and will be developed based upon the results of Pre-Event Questionnaires and consultations.

It is also common that we combine two or more of the above sessions and/or topics into a multi-day event and package them with one fee along with Sales Coach International staff assistance in theme design, team-building events, and logistic assistance.

Our goal is not to deliver what we want; it is to deliver what your people need in the way that they need to hear it. We strive to serve the needs of the client in any way that we can. We look forward to the opportunity to coach your company to greater sales and profits!