Today’s hyper competitive marketplace requires more than a great product at a competitive price. Sales Coach International’s (SCI) team of Certified Coaches works in a wide variety of industries with mid to large size companies. Utilizing SCI’s Smart Selling system, our coaches focus on companies’ two key growth areas; the sales process and people.

Using a systematic and proven diagnostic approach, our coaches first look at a client’s current sales process and their sales people. Leaving no stone unturned, our Coaches assess and evaluate a client’s current sales team, sales tools, marketing collateral, policies, procedures, recruiting & interviewing practices, training, on-boarding, leadership and management teams, reporting structure, compensation plans, CRM, follow up systems, and reporting metrics.

From the initial diagnosis, the Coach lays out a strategic plan, or road map, using proven systems and best practices.

What to Expect:

• Personal assessments providing a starting point.

• Detailed evaluation and recommendations.

• Benchmarking.

• Training tailored to specific needs.

• Live field coaching.

• Assigned ACTION steps and accountability.

• Customized sales tools tailored to the clients business

• Defined sales process.

• Systems for “Building a World Class Sales Organization”.


Coaching is not for every organization. Significant results and growth require change. Change requires courage, commitment, thought, and hard work.

If you think your company is ready to move to the next level, if you’re ready to grab your share of the market, or if you’re not sure you have the RIGHT PEOPLE doing the RIGHT THINGS, call our office for an initial consultation!

 The Goal?

A replicable sales process giving the job a voice by identifying the Attitudes, Skills, and Activities required of the Sales Professional to drive sales and profit growth. With a proven process in hand, SCI’s Coaches provide impactful training sessions over the course of the engagement on the blocking and tackling required to move the dial! Training sessions are reinforced with role practice and live one-on-one coaching to create and instill habits.

The Result?

A sustainable sales process proven to increase sales and profits while shortening the sales cycle!