Ready to MAXIMIZE your Sales in 2018!!

Over the past year, Sales Coach International has worked with many companies throughout the country during our Sales Team Boot Camps 2017. During those events, we heard many similar frustrations from salespeople and Sales Leaders. Based upon these common challenges, we have created Boot Camp 2018 with VERY SPECIFIC TRAINING addressing each area.

Check out the video below with Gerry Layo as he prepares for Boot Camp:

Boost Your Sales In 2018!

Now…….we need to work on three key areas to DRIVE strong 2018 Sales SUCCESS:

  1. NEW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – prospecting and penetration plans
  2. Effective FOLLOW-UP and FOLLOW-THROUGH processes
  3. Successful CLOSING strategies

See below for detailed itinerary/take-aways in each of these areas…


These events will be held at multiple locations and dates across the United States. Please see below and click on a location for further details, agenda and to REGISTER you and your team today:

  • Indianapolis, IN

    Dec 4th & 5th

  • Portland, OR

    Jan 8th & 9th


First of all, no team ever wins without the right PEOPLE (players) on the team in the correct positions that are well coached to execute at the highest levels. This includes highly skilled players (sales and sales support people) as well as very highly skilled leaders (Sales Managers, Sales VPs, Sales Directors, etc.) Secondly, every team needs a well-organized SALES PLAYBOOK that drives their winning PROCESS. Finally, every team spends a significant percentage of their time in PREPARATION (planning and practice) to ensure stronger results, higher conversion rates and greater sales and profits.

Four foundational elements in driving GROWTH in a sales organization:

In 2017, Gerry worked with hundreds of CEOs, Sales Managers/Leaders, and Representatives on preparing for and executing stronger on each and every sales call.  We also heard some of the consistent issues that you have been dealing with. We heard you….. and we took ACTION…..Gerry Layo is bringing back round #2 to address these issues and do a DEEP DIVE into three main areas: well-defined “Business-Development Plan”, purposeful Follow-Through, getting more deals to “YES”!  This will be a fast-paced, hands-on, training that will require you to jump in and get your hands dirty. We will be diving in to create a blueprint for these tools and discuss how to use them and incorporate them into your daily business habits to achieve the BEST YEAR yet in 2018!! See below for the details and content of each day….

DAY #1 | Bring the entire team (Owners, Managers, and Reps)


Well Defined “Business Development Plans” to get more out of the territory and go deeper into every account!

  • Creation of a Territory Development
  • Identify verticals to penetrate
  • Visibility/Prospecting/Lead Generation
  • Online efforts to get LinkedIn or be left out
  • CRM as a tool to drive results
  • An Account Development/Penetration Plan

Purposeful Follow Through to keep more deals ALIVE!

  • “Follow up” is a task, “Follow Through” creates ADVANCEMENT
  • Champion Letter templates that stand out
  • How to always define Next Steps, Dates, and Times!
  • Follow Through is your job – not just the customer’s

Getting more deals across the FINISH LINE —-> Getting to Yes!!

  • “Closing” starts with opening!
  • It takes commitment and it’s your job to get it throughout
  • The cadence of the sales process is set by the seller
  • Closing is NOT the customer’s job!
  • 10 proven strategies to CLOSE more deals

DAY #2 | Owners and Managers ONLY


Talent Acquisition – The HUNT for your next new hire

  • The profile of the RIGHT DSR (what we have learned from the multiple Seller Rating Grids)
  • Building an Interview Guide for “weeding out the posers”
  • LinkedIn ads that get the attention of the hitters
  • The anatomy of an On-Boarding Program – Get them integrated and up to speed sooner with a 90-day plan
  • The skills that you NEED to recruit and the Attitudes you NEED to bring into your team!

Talent Development – Coaching and Growing your Team

  • Monthly Sales Meetings to work on their heads, their hearts, and their gut.
  • Daily Huddles and End of Day Debriefs that set up success and inspect efforts.
  • Field Coaching strategies that drive the GROWTH of the salespeople and not just the sales of the day.
  • 20 Sales Meeting topics for the Motorola Solutions District Sales Representative.
  • Building an IDP (Individual Development Plan) for each sales rep and continuing to coach to it, measure progress, and recognize growth.
  • Progress Reviews Do’s and Don’ts (It’s not a Performance Evaluation)
  • What does GOOD look like? Modeling the behavior that you seek.


  • Indianapolis, IN

    Dec 4th & 5th

  • Portland, OR

    Jan 8th & 9th

Space for these events are limited and we will sell out!  

REGISTER TODAY by clicking the location you would like to attend or calling our office