Why does it work?

As a Sales Manager — there are at least 7 clear things you can do to take greater control of your results. Now, more than ever, you need a real-world plan to fight & win those sales battles. Sales Coach International (SCI) has been training & growing companies’ sales & profits for over 7 years — building, installing, and training real-world sales plans that actually WORK. We’ve worked hands-on with companies of all sizes to build a World-Class Sales Organization for their firms — no matter the industry!

Why does it work? The SCI philosophy is based on simple, effective principles. You are in the PEOPLE BUSINESS, NOT in the widget business (whichever industry you are in). Your salespeople no longer will get sales with just a large bank of product knowledge. They need consistent coaching & training BY YOU in order to keep up with the ever changing demands of the market. Coaching and growing better salespeople on your team is your greatest leverage opportunity for consistent, sustainable sales growth!

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