What's Your "Sales Growth Score"?

These questions are important to measure your confidence in your current plan for sales growth. After reading each statement, select your true level of effectiveness as it applies to your current sales growth plan.

Your candid assessment here will help you know your "reality" of confidently achieving your sales growth goals.

Assessing My Team: I clearly know who my winners are, why they win, and which sellers are struggling with a solid idea of how to coach them to improve their results.
Recruiting Success: I have a clear profile of my "most wanted" recruit, know why recruiting is important, and conduct regular recruiting activities to keep a "full basket" of quality potential recruits.
Landing Top Talent: I'm confident about being able to interview & hire top quality talent when I find them. I know I can land the winners.
Quick Ramp-Up: I have a clear path defined for the first 90 days that helps new sellers get a quick start, experience early success, and begin paying for their seat.
Sales Meetings Drive Results: My sales meetings work to train & grow my sellers, build their buy-in, and grow their greater personal responsibility for their success.
Growth Through Field Training: I have a focused plan in place to work with my sellers in the field that succeeds in reliably growing their skills and self-reliance.
Progress Reviews: I conduct regular Progress Reviews with each of my sellers that lays out a purposeful Individual Development Plan for each seller