What Every Sales Manager Should Know About How to Achieve Consistent Sales Growth

As a Sales Manager — today, more than ever, your team’s sales performance can get side swiped by things that seem to be out of your control. The marketplace is more competitive and changing faster than ever. Many buyers are fickle and apply heavy pressure on your sellers for the “bottom line price” (often at a deal that is not worth taking). Maybe your team is just not performing at the level you really need, or know, they should achieve.

Would you like to solve any of these 8 biggest selling problems?

  1. Low Sales Performance “Our sales team is not hitting their numbers — again!”
  2. Lost Accounts “Lost accounts are killing us! It’s like two steps forward and one back!”
  3. Slipping Margins “Our profits are getting hammered. It’s a dog-eat-dog price war and my salespeople cannot seem to get their margins where we need them.”
  4. “Commodity” Selling (Transactional Selling) “Our sales approach is turning us into a commodity! We are too focused on just getting orders and not focused enough on building relationships. It is costing us in margins and customer loyalty.”
  5. Tough to Find Good People “We can’t seem to attract and hire solid sales talent for our team.”
  6. Lousy Team Culture “Our sellers are turning into whiny complainers that blame everything else… from the economy to the competition for their sub-par results.”
  7. Low Performers “We have too many ‘dogs’ on our sales force. We know (and they know) that they’re not making the grade, and yet, we do nothing about it.”
  8. Can’t Predict Sales Accurately “We don’t have a consistent business acquisition and retention/growth strategy and can’t accurately predict our sales growth.”