Gerry Layo


GL Head ShotGerry Layo is one of the nation’s most dynamic and sought after speakers offering world class keynote addresses, seminars, and workshops throughout North America. Gerry offers his audiences 20 years of street-tested, no-nonsense sales and management experience. Coming from a fresh new perspective on the platform today, Gerry began a sales career 20 years ago and since then co-founded and ran three companies, building sales organizations from 5 people to 1500! Before founding Sales Coach International, Gerry was the VP of Sales and Marketing for publicly traded ITEX where he ran sales training efforts for over 75 offices worldwide, dramatically increasing growth and profits.

Today Gerry is the Head Coach/Sales Catalyst for Sales Coach International (SCI), where he wears two hats. In one capacity, Gerry is booked throughout North America as a speaker/trainer to work with companies, organizations, and/or associations through high energy keynote addresses, workshops, and seminars primarily in the field of sales, sales leadership, and customer service. When he is not speaking, Gerry is the Head Coach for SCI’s “Coach Programs.” In this capacity, Gerry, along with a team of SCI Coaches work with companies throughout North America in an ongoing coach/consultant capacity.

Using street tested techniques along with SCI’s set of “35 Sales Enhancement Implementables,” Gerry leads the charge in SCI as they coach companies to greater sales and profits. Gerry is the author of ”Smart Selling-You Gotta Open ‘Em Before You Can Close ‘Em!” Gerry currently lives in Northern California with his wife Dia, daughters Khloe and Madi, and son Cooper, and dog JUICE. (JUICE = Join Us In Constant Enthusiasm.)